Arabica Forte in beans

1,000g pack / 2,20 lbs

  • Precious and selected coffee Arabica, roasted slowly to create a full espresso, rich in pleasant and sweet fragrances. Traditional roasting, from centre America, Brazil, Africa and South East Asia with full body balanced by acid snap, aroma and complexity. Presence of fruit aroma and chocolate.

    Percentage of Arabica and Robusta:

    Arabica 90% Robusta 10%

    Medium intensity

  • Roasting time: 15 minutes Body: 4 (scale from 1 to 5) Aroma: 5 (scale from 1 to 5) Quantity of Cream in cup: 5 (scale from 1 to 5) Colour of Cream in cup: 5 (scale from 1 to 5) Caffeine 40-60mg. (per espresso cup) Net pack weight: 1000g. Packaged in protective atmosphere.

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