CC100 2 groups

Efficient, robust and competitive


    A range of machines automatic using thermosyphon technology

    2 VERSIONS / 3 COLORS (Black, red, white)
    Espresso (80 mm)
    Tall Cup (165 mm)

  • Available in 1, 2 and 3 groups Integrated rotative pump Copper boiler Thermosyphon system Electric heating only Boiler temperature controlled by PID system Volumetric dosing 2 pressure gauges : boiler pressure and pump pressure 2x steams wands and 1x hot water (except 1 group: 2x steams wands and 1x hot water) Automatic fill up of the boiler Heating element protected by klixon 2 versions : Espresso (80 mm) Tall Cup (165 mm) Options : Display Solo kit (machine can work on a water tank) Cappuccinatore Porter filter 3 cups

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